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Perttu Ahvenainen

1. Choose the family type from drop-down list.
2. Click the city of your choice to see the reasonable minimum of monthly living costs for the selected family type.

Info about this application

This application is based on Finnish National Consumer Research Center's research "Mita elaminen maksaa?". This research was published in 2010 and it reveals consumers and experts opinions on which goods and services are essential to consumers for a reasonable standard of living. Based on these sources, this research calculates the minimum monthly budgets for different types of faimilies living in different locations.

"These minimum monthly budgets demonstrates the content of necessarly consumption and calculates the value of it. Consumers can use these budgets to control their own economy. Based on these values consumers can compare, plan and demonstrate their expenditures. Consumers can also use these budgets for controlling their own economy and for example when they prepare to loan negotiations. These budgets purpose is to give more space to consumers own economy, not attenuate it."

Anna-Riitta Lehtinen
Researcher, M.Sc.
National Consumer Research Centre

Data outside from Finland is based on researches done by local institutes.

Use cases

Applications data can be used for, for example:

-loan negotiations at the bank
-teaching economics
-defining reasonable level of social security
-financial and debt advice
-controlling personal finances
-helping person move to another region

These minimun budgets gives one point of view to the conversation on what the reasonable level of social security is and how it can be defined.